New Thinking

Over the last 50 years, our brains have been required to handle more, process more, remember more, calculate more, think more, and even analyze more than ever before.

Unfortunately, our minds were never designed to be in this state of “ON” all the time.

What is the result? As responsibility, uncertainty and complexity grows, our default programming begins to limit us.

It’s at this point that we start to breakdown…unable to keep pace with the widening gap between our default programming and the fast-moving world around us.

Your mind knows it has to do things differently, but it struggles between being able to take a big leap forward and staying where it is. It’s like trying to cross a river by jumping from rock to rock. As you get further out, the rocks are farther apart. The only way to successfully keep going is to learn to move to a jog and then a run over the rocks.

But, to the mind, this is torture, because one small mistake could get you hurt or killed, and it won’t let that happen.

The mind only sees the rushing water below and fears that you won’t be safe if you slip and fall. So, your mind begins to pull back…keeping you safe where you are, as you watch the world continue to move on around you.

This growing gap between your mind’s default programming and modern life is what leads to:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Being anxious about what could go “wrong”
  • Worrying about not keeping up
  • Becoming indecisive
  • Fear of making a mistake
  • Procrastination…putting off important tasks until the mind can see a way forward
  • Distraction…because the mind doesn’t want to spend critical energy on your important task
  • Self Sabotage…bringing you back into alignment with your programming
  • Being overcome by fear
  • Overanalyzing situations until we get it all “figured out”
  • Checking out mentally with activities like overeating, drugs, alcohol, pornography
  • Forcing ourselves with strong willpower which only leads to unsustainable progress and growing disconnected in other areas of our lives

And, when you experience these things, the gap between where you are and where you want to go just continues to WIDEN.

So, how do you take back control and learn to close the gap?

One of my early mentors used to say, “If you’re operating as a size 3 person, how will you ever deal with a size 6 problem?”

And, the answer, of course, is you can’t. No matter how hard you try. No matter how hard you “work.”

It’s just not going to happen, period.

So, what’s the secret?

It’s to become a size 10 person, so that size 6 “problems” don’t even matter anymore.

Heck, it’s not just that they don’t matter. At that level, you will actually see the OPPORTUNITY in the size 6 problem and be able to take advantage of it.

That’s how we achieve more by doing less. That’s how we thrive in business AND stay healthy AND be there for our family AND spend time with friends AND positively impact the world around us.

Here’s another analogy I see all the time:

The vast majority of people today are living with a size 0 approach to life.

But, the problem is…

We now live in a size 4 world (quickly moving to a size 5)

Trying to live in a size 5 world using a size 0 approach guarantees struggle.

A size 0 approach means you’re trying to get through life with old beliefs and programming, old conditioning and patterns, bad habits, and negative emotions. And when that happens, people think that if they just do more of what they’re already doing, somehow their life will turn around and start working.

Are you kidding?!

The reality is life will never go “right”, if you continue to do life the “wrong” way. And yet, I continue to see people thinking they need to work harder, do more, work faster…until they simply burn out, stop trying and give up.

Einstein famously said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same LEVEL of thinking that created it.”

In order to bring all the pieces together, you must learn how to operate at a higher level and that requires that you do things radically differently than you’re probably doing them now.

Your Mind is Your MOST IMPORTANT Asset

You take care of yourself by eating, showering, and brushing our teeth regularly. You pay your bills and your taxes. If you’re in a career, you spend your energy working for money. If you’re an entrepreneur, you provide products and services to customers for money.

We take care of the things around us. We care for the wants of people around us.

And, yet most never take care of the MOST IMPORTANT asset, the one thing that controls EVERYTHING in life.

Your MIND.

When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. From the amount of money you make, to what you accomplish in your business, to how healthy (or unhealthy) you are, what time you wake up, what food you typically eat, whether you are decisive or a procrastinator, stressed or peaceful, happy or sad, overwhelmed or focused action taker, floss every day, or drink too much, and even how long you’ll live.

Business owners and professionals who thrive in our modern world know this and have made the decision to UPGRADE themselves, so they get better, faster results.

Unsuccessful people continue doing what they’ve always done and hope that life will somehow get better on its own.

So, how do we upgrade ourselves?

In order to successfully upgrade your mind, there are 2 things that MUST Happen:

Key #1 – You must be able to separate the right things to focus on from the countless list of things you could focus on.

The world is filled with information. And, you could spend many lifetimes trying to find the right approach for you. The problem is we don’t have lifetimes. You need an approach that will work for us and get us to where we want to be, no matter what is going on in the world. Meaning that the approach must work in any condition and in any situation.

Key #2 – You must learn to INTEGRATE this short list of right actions into yourself.

It used to be that only elite athletes, business leaders and top performers had coaches. Those days have long passed.

Coaching is the new gym membership. It’s just what modern thriving people do. They seek it out. They make it part of their lives. They integrate the lessons from it. They grow from it. Regularly. Consistently.

Having a guide is one of the best ways of helping you expand your awareness. A guide helps you to see things that your normally can’t from your own personal point of view. A great guide has travelled up and down the trail many times, knows the fastest route to get there, and has helped others reach the top successfully.

A guide provides feedback when you need it, and guides you to take over once you’re ready.

As you learn to apply the right knowledge, you will start to see things you never saw before. The pieces will start coming together…slowly at first…faster over time.

A world previously unknown will unlock and reveal itself to you.

You’ll start taking action in areas you previously felt frozen. You’ll find yourself achieving more with less effort in your business or career, which will give you back time to focus on your health and enjoy spending time with your spouse and kids. When your friends reach out to ask that you join them, you’ll finally feel free as you say, “Of course.”

You’ll begin to see more of your BEST self show up day after day. You know, that version of you that impacts the world and is paid well for it, has optimal energy to live your life, moves through fear quickly, owns your power, has enthusiasm in your voice, and is surrounded by strong relationships.