“This knowledge makes total sense. I now do my routines, and ‘Thinking time’ religiously every night and every morning. That’s worked wonders for me…it’s helped my progress tremendously.”

greg-overhageGreg Overhage

My mentoring and coaching calls with Damon Flowers have changed my life. When I left the Navy after 12 years of service, I had really lost my identity and direction. Even after starting my journey investing in real estate, I was still struggling with my identity, direction, and prioritizing what was really important to me. During our coaching calls, Damon helped me to find mental blocks and things that had happened as far back as my childhood, that were still affecting my mindset and holding me back from my unlimited potential. After we discovered these blocks, he taught me and shared with me the tools that I needed and the skills required to effectively identify the blocks, and ways to deal with them and overcome them. He helped me to realize how powerful my subconscious mind is and gave me the tools I needed to effectively change my mindset to help me become more successful in my personal life, as well as in my interactions with prospective clients and business partners. It was not easy for me to change my mindset because I am a slow learner, and I am definitely stubborn and set in my ways. LOL! But, Damon is patient and his experience in coaching and mentoring on mindset was what I needed to break through my mental blocks and has helped me achieve the personal and professional success that continues to grow because of the skills I learned from him. Thanks Damon!

josh dikoffJosh Dikoff

“I’ve spent the past two and a half years learning from Damon at InnerFluent and Inner Path. He is a great mentor and coach for life and business. If you are truly interested in discovering strategies, techniques and learning tools you can use to move your life and/or business to a much higher level, Damon is the guy. Whether it is your family, your faith, your finances, your physical health, or simply living a more fulfilled, enjoyable life, connect with Damon. Damon will help you discover what that is and how to move your life towards it. I count Damon as a mentor, coach, business associate and friend. Thanks Damon. “

richard rogersRichard Rogers

With Damon’s insights on awareness and thought processes, I was able to sustain my energy level and have breakthroughs that enabled me to create a multi-million dollar business with heart.  Connecting with him took me out of my negative thought patterns and helped me sustain high levels of personal and professional success.

michael-tranMichael Tran

“Damon’s practices and principles are simple and realistic. His insight of the mind is remarkable and has opened up a sense of understanding of myself as a person and a business owner. Not to mention, he is just a nice guy. I used to journal before but never had any true format or goal when journaling, I would only write. With Damon’s suggestions, journaling has now changed my life as a new business owner and an individual. I have used Damon’s journaling system for the past 106 days and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, not only love it but look forward to it and it is now helped me begin to develop more positive habits into my life. Thank you Damon, for being you, and for sharing your wisdom and knowledge, I appreciate it more than you would ever know.

Courtney MooreCourtney Moore

I have found focus in my business life where I used to struggle.  In a few short months, I have cleared a major business loss, expanded my operations and am on track to double my business this year.

ryan-matthewsRyan Matthews

I received great value from an all-day workshop given by Damon Flowers. The information he shared was invaluable and I walked away not only inspired, but with a clear game plan moving forward.

christine choateChristine Choate

My main focus during the program was to become the strongest and fittest I could.  In July, I won a CrossFit competition and broke 3 Oklahoma State records in weightlifting. The mind is a powerful thing! Peace to you.

katherine-millerKatherine Miller

Before, I struggled with walking up to home owners and talking with them about selling their home.  Now, I really look forward to it and actually get frustrated when I don’t have people to talk and negotiate with!

jeff-pollackJeff Pollack

I used to be unable to focus, because of a racing mind.  Applying one technique, my focus is greatly improved, enabling me to tackle my goals daily. When setting goals, I now bring attention to who I need to become in order to realize my goals, which has helped me achieve them faster.

larry-simsLarry Sims

You have opened my eyes. I used to get overwhelmed, but now…I’ve had a revelation…it’s all right there and now, it’s so easy.

eric-kacerEric Kacer

The program has opened me up to a reality that I did not know was mine. The emotions that controlled me in the past are now a source of strength; they give me strength knowing they do not control me, but I control them.”

jonathan-manningJonathan Manning

This program has exceeded my expectations. Highly relevant information and exercises that reached core truths in me. Especially valuable were the concepts and practices for actually making changes and removing conditioning that limits the human spirit. Thanks for not only helping me to verify my personal studies but also for several tools to fix my limitations. I’m looking forward to continuing up the path with you and Scott as my sherpas!

george-smithGeorge Smith

Damon is an excellent mindset expert and trainer. His programs opened up new ways of thinking and have been full of useful tips and tricks to develop a success mindset. I highly recommend him.

michael minutoMichael Minuto

Life Changing!

steve-cannonSteve Cannon

Amazing. Thorough. Over the top. Excellent advice and teaching. You have the knowledge to show me what I need to do and gave me the tools. Your hands on help, helped me to realize what my problems are and how to fix them. Keep doing this!!!!

Mandy Hurley

Excellent! So much eye opening information that is helping to connect my past and present, and will help me be more successful in the future. The info about awareness and the subconscious mind was so valuable. And removing garbage from our minds was so exciting as I feel I have more capabilities and abilities to change the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. It also made me feel like I’m not alone with the things I’ve been struggling with! This program doesn’t even compare to other personal work I’ve done. Thank you so much!!!

wendi-simsonWendi Simson

I realized how many things were holding me back from doing my real estate business. Things from my past and decisions I now choose to make, to release these things from my past. By listening to Damon, and really contemplating where my life is today and where I want it to go, it has changed almost every thought in my head. It’s been amazing! Following Damon’s guidance has changed way I think about everything and pursuing what I want in life and how to communicate with people in a way that honors them while witnessing my feelings and emotions that go along with that. I would recommend this work to every person. Whether you feel your life is at 10% or 100%, you should really consider engaging with Damon and his team. It will help you in every aspect of your life. I’m also looking forward to sharing the things I learned, in my married life, and with the people around me.

Laura StankovichLaura Stankovich

So comprehensive! Stretched my inner vision. I now have the tools needed, a place to start and a plan to follow! Can’t thank you enough for being a guide and giving me tools to take back what is my life to live.. Has more than exceeded my expectations!!

patrick-robertsonPatrick Robertson

You opened my mind to things I hadn’t considered and led me to want to continue to improve, and at my age, I didn’t think it was possible!

david-hurleyDavid Hurley

Damon and his team have a solid understanding and well put together program that are nothing less than awe inspiring. It’s difficult in this day and time to rise above the stream of others in this category of coaching, but Damon has done a fantastic job. He is not only an eloquent speaker but a very good listener. He pushes the clients’ boundaries in such a way that theoretical concepts are actually pragmatic when ones paradigm changes. I wholeheartedly recommend his company to anyone who has the opportunity to take his course or sign up for his coaching within a corporate or individual setting.

rhonda hiesbergerRhonda Hiesberger

I thought the workshop was awesome!  I am working on my daily journal to change some habits and clear my home space so I can think more clearly!

amy lAmy Lauro

“A great workshop to clarify what you want to accomplish in life and how to develop your mindset to accomplish what you want.

marilyn hinesMarilyn Hines

An awesome life changing workshop!

Rosemarie EspinozaRosemarie Espionza

“InnerFluent is a true description of the information given in this program. You come out with a revelation of yourself.

Anika WilliamsAnika Williams

This is an absolute “must attend” for every human being! Outstanding info and actionable system.

Randy-JenkinsRandy Jenkins

Absolutely amazing and enlightening!

Morad FikiMorad Fiki

Mind changing!

Jeff Pitzer

As a Realtor/Investor, I have found what many successful entrepreneurs already know: willpower alone is not enough. Our beliefs and mindset must align with what we hope to achieve. And for that to happen, we have to know what we really want, and why. I didn’t really get that until I met Damon Flowers last year and went through his InnerFluent program. It was a game changer for me.

joel-leeJoel Lee

“Fantastic way to learn about yourself and get tools to affect lasting change!

greg-pughGreg Pugh

loved this event! The action plan you build here is very valuable. I liked how current the research was. The content and presentation at this event was perfect. Highly recommend. 5 stars!

CressCress Julian Terrell

It’s like 10 years of psycho-therapy over one weekend. Loved the research and the personal experiences!

Allison TeoAllison Teo

Damon was instrumental in helping me build a foundation for success, I would recommend anyone to attend Damon’s program and join InnerFluent. I am grateful to have had the opportunity!

Patrick-BolanosPatrick Bolanos

“Interesting and thought provoking. Damon and Scott kept me engaged. This program has opened a great way to move forward. The tools provided are a great start and I look forward to using them.

Alicia McKnightAlicia McKnight

“This program was so thought provoking and different from how I have viewed life and am now excited about my new journey.

Lee CurrierLee Currier

“Damon & Scott are so easy to listen to and have given me a new sense of encouragement to use the tools and techniques.

Janet StewartJanet Stewart

“A must attend.

andres sanchezAndres Sanchez

“If you seek a truly transformation life and thought process change, this is the real deal. Remember, change is about doing something different which is always a bit uncomfortable. Damon has been focused on helping you achieve your life goals & can help you get their efficiently. Life is too short to sit on the sidelines!

Devin GintherDevin Ginther

“Great workshop on how-to reprogram your mind!

david-astDavid Ast

“On Jan 20th, I finished the Chevron Houston Marathon in about 5 hours, which was what I expected with the training I’d done and a few setbacks in the 2 weeks prior to the race. For me this is a great achievement considering I was struggling to run a 5k when I started training right after meeting Damon in September. 18 weeks later I completed the full 26.2 miles (26.6 according to my own GPS!!). I was able to do this by focusing on CONSISTENCY and MINDSET. The bi-weekly calls really help me to refocus and stay the course when I start to get distracted. Now on to the next goals!

Katya StrinkaKatya Strinka

“It was great! The content and your facilitation was powerful. It helped me clearly understand what I will focus on going forward, even as I was able to celebrate the successes and lessons learned in 2018. I’ve spent every day since talking with those in my inner circle about the 2018 evaluation process and the 2019 visioning! I truly enjoyed the experience and look forward to continuing to grow and refine my life and my vision with InnerFluent!

glenniece stewartGlenniece Stewart

“Ever since I took Damon’s InnerFluent program my life has changed for the better. I used to not to believe in the power of positive energy and the power of meditation until I met Damon. I have lost 40 lbs. and my health and energy have improved dramatically. I have other areas that I am still working on, but I now have the right tools and support to continue the journey. Thank you Damon for making a difference in my life!

Juan-ortizJuan Ortiz

“Strategic in nature and inspiring from the inside out.

kimberly burgan 1Kimberly Burgan

Very organized and informative. I feel more focused now.

jj hinterreiterJJ Hinterreiter

Very helpful action plan. Provided solid tools to remediate sloppy habits and the chaotic wandering through life.

cathina gunn rosasCathina L. Gunn Rosas

“Damon linked long term goals to current day life/tasks….made major long term goals more obtainable.

sara saySara Say

“Taught that even without specialized knowledge in a specific area, one can still be successful with the right mindset. Motivational.

tasha harmanTasha Harman

I attended “InnerFluent” this past weekend with my husband and daughter and I would just like to say that it really can awaken you to the possibilities. When you get out of your own way and see how much potential there is in every situation, it is truly amazing. I am already applying the lessons we learned this weekend to attain my best me!

tina mossTina Moss

If you are going to build a brick wall, first make sure that the plan is sound and that the first brick is in the right place. Damon helps you with that.

gregg pattenGregg Patten

“I would highly recommend this workshop.

rebekah thomasonRebekah Thomason

“The experience has been amazing, for not only the planning session, but for everything you have done for us this past year. Thanks Damon and Scott…you guys are awesome.

Jason-Penny-NormanJason Norman

“This is a very good presentation on a comprehensive and well thought out method to improve various facets of life and business.

patrick stcinPatrick StCin

I had the pleasure of attending the 2 day workshop and upon its completion, left with tools I’ve never heard before that could be implemented immediately. Damon is generous with his time and explains things in a systematic manner which helps make all life’s challenges manageable. I recommend it to everyone.

lana lekopoyLana Lekopoy

Powerful and necessary information to permanently change your life.

pamala charlesPamala Charles