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Achieve your health goals, heal, stop battling your body and weight, and experience your true physical potential.  Yes, your age, history, and DNA are part of the story.  But they are such a small fraction of what controls our health when you know how the ultra-successful optimize their wellbeing.

The Secret to Staying Engaged and Motivated


Staying engaged and motivated has been cited as the second greatest workplace challenges right after poor communication. On the surface this doesn’t seem important enough to rank #2.  But, here are some important questions for you: How would you describe the person who always gets promoted? How would you describe the first person that gets let go when the market gets worse? What were you feeling when you went home from “the best job you ever had?” When friends are making crazy decisions about their job and need to be talked off of a ledge, what is behind their dissatisfaction?  [...]

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